iilumo OCULAR 2.0


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Clean horizontal lines to accentuate the shorter yet wider design. It makes for a versatile shroud able to fit into a larger range of housings with ease. The Iris has two flat sides and is a low profile shroud in a chrome finish.

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    • Trimming shrouds is not an uncommon task when retrofitting headlights. Whether it's to make clearance or to suit the geometry of your headlight housing. 
    • Shroud centric rings are highly recommend for 2.5" projectors for an easy hassle-free installation using 3.0" projector shrouds


    • Height: 103mm 
    • Width: 140mm
    • Depth: 37mm
    • Finish: Chrome
    • Projector Lens: 2.5" & 3.0"
    • HID Projectors: iiMH1 & iiD2S
    • Front Halo Size: 80mm

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