iilumo LINK - 9005/HB3


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Want steady and reliable voltage to power up your HID ballasts?

Nobody likes flickering headlights so get it delivered directly from the battery and bypass the factory wiring that was designed for halogen bulbs, not HID ballasts.

Fully sealed against the elements and equipped with an inline 30A fuse, you can be sure that your HID system is well protected.

NOTE: One HID relay harness powers a pair of ballasts.


  • Input Trigger: 1 x 9005/HB3 (Male)
  • Ballast Outputs: 2 x 9006 (Female)
  • Wattage: Suitable for 35-55W
  • 2 x 40A Relay
  • 30A Inline fuse
  • Nickel plated power and ground ring ends
  • Techflex mesh sleeving
  • 1 x HID Relay harness

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